Our approach to reducing the carbon footprint of the world's data center computing is multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary. While the physical footprint of the world's data centers continues to grow as our reliance on computing and computing technology continues to increase, the carbon footprint does not necessarily have to grow as quickly. The progress of technology has occurred in leaps & bounds over the past 20 years, but use cases have also increased and diffused across industry and society. The computing technology that was available only to the largest corporations in the largest data centers 20 years ago, is now routinely carried in pockets and backpacks. These advances are powerful, but they also offer a more nuanced view today, where the same technology assets can be kept in operation for years longer than would have been logical even 5 years ago. By selectively extending the period of use and raising the utilization levels of existing technology components and systems, we are avoiding and deferring the costs of new manufacturing and new resource extraction. We are also avoiding a range of secondary costs and carbon impacts in logistics and operations.

Our comprehensive approach to quantifying the carbon footprint, performance profiles, and longevity of computing components and systems serves as the basis for making more efficient and more effective decisions about data center technology. Contact us to learn more today.